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CTF Project Printing Shirts

The CTF team has decided to print team shirts. You can find out exactly how it was done in this article.


First, team members picked a design. This was inspired by numerous capture the flag tools. Of course, pizza can’t be missing at a CTF event. ;)

CTF shirt print. Text on Shirt: got Flags?

front printing design

The shirts were made by 3 members in the Siebdruck-room, at the HdM, under the supervision of a staff member.
The shirts were placed on a spider and the sieve was used to apply the design to the shirts.

Spider with Sieve

spider with sieve

CTF shirt with Logo

front printing design on shirt

To put the design on the shirt, ink must be applied to the sieve. Now the color must be pulled over the sieve with constant pressure and a certain inclination.
This must be repeated one to three times, then the sieve can be removed from the shirt. The finished shirt must now be put into the dryer.

CTF shirt in dryer

CTF shirt in dryer

After the drying process, the shirt was printed on the back. Here, only the logo of the ICS and the HdM was applied, as well as a QR code to the CTF page. This had to go back into the dryer.
The drying process only dries the wet paint. The paint is still washable with water until now. To get the color waterproof, so that it does not disappear when washing the shirt, it must be ironed. Only through this process, the color is no longer water soluble.

If you want to know more about Siebdruck, here is the website.

About CTF

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