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Welcome to the Capture the Flag Team page of the HdM

Here you can find out everything worth knowing about our team, the contact person and which qualifications you need to join us.

Together we hack systems in our own training lab environment as well as on training platforms like TryHackMe, Hack the Box, VirtualHackingLabs, VulnHub etc. Our goal is to understand the causes for security issues, how to exploit and how to avoid them.

First to Qualifications:


Come to the dark side we have flags!

Our CTF team at HdM has been founded in October 2020.
Currently, our team is working on TryHackMe and Hack the Box. We have created a HdM mini Page on Hack the Box. Here we try to get the HdM a good rank in the University Ranking of Hack The Box.

Our team consists of beginners, advanced students and experts in hacking. Current and former team members, who have given consent to be published here, are:


Since the summer term 2022 the CTF is part of the lecture IT Security: Attack and Defense which takes place every friday from 4:00 PM to at least 7:15 PM in rooms 141 und 142 as well as using the BigBlueButton video conference in the corresponding ILIAS course. If you are interested in joining us or just want to have a look, contact Prof. Dr. Heuzeroth by e-mail.

Contact Person

Contact Person